Prof. Carmi Korine
Born: 1960, Israel
Academic Qualifications:
    Academic Positions:
    Marco and Louise Mitrani Department of Desert Ecology (MDDE) - Researcher

    Research Interests:
    Physiological ecology, with special emphasis on parental investment, water and energy balances. Conservation biology of small mammals in arid environments, bat nutritional ecology; bat community ecology; and plant-animal interactions
    Research Projects:
    1. The importance of water bodies in desert habitats for diversity, richness and activity of insectivorous bats.
    2. Echolocation behavior and flight performance of insectivorous bats in the Negev
    3. Cutaneous water loss and lipids of the stratum corneum in desert-dwelling bats
    4. Bats in Agriculture systems
    5. Acacia trees and insectivorous bats
    Keywords:Phyiological Ecology of mammals, especially bats: echolocation, plant-animal interactions, nurition, energy, water..