Prof. Hugo Guterman
Born: 1954, Argentina
Academic Qualifications:
    Ph.D 1988, Ben Gurion University
    M.D. 1982, Ben Gurion University
    Lecturer, Senior staff member 1996.
Academic Positions:
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Professor
ABC Robotics – Agricultural, Biological & Cognitive Robotics - Researcher

Research Interests:
Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Computers,Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Robotics, Signal & Video Processing, Speach and Speaker Processing
Research Projects:
Implementation of Low Level Image Processing Algorithms for ATR
Autonomous Roboticts
Automatic Speaker Segmentation
Ultrasound DIagnostic

  • Lerner, B., Guterman, H., Aladjem, M. & Dinstein, I.. On pattern classification with Sammon's nonlinear mapping - an experimental study. Pattern Recognition 31: 371-378 (1998)
  • Ronen, M., Shabtai, Y. & Guterman, H.. Rapid Process Modeling - Building Methodology Combining Unsupervised Fuzzy-Clustering and Supervised Neural Networks. Computers chem. Eng. 22: S1005-S1008 (1998)
  • Guterman, H. & Shabtai, I.. A Self-Tuning Vision System for Monitoring Biotechnological Processes: I. Application to the production of pullulan by Aureobasidium pullulans. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 51: 501-510 (1997)
  • Greenberg & Guterman, H.. Neural Networks Classifiers for Automatic Real-world Image Recognition. Applied Optics 35: 4598-4609 (1997)
Keywords:Neural Networks, Neural Networks,Image Processing,Optical Methods in Medicine, Signal Processing Fuzzy Logic Biotechnology, Robotics, Speaker Diarization, Robotics, Fuzzy Logic, Control, Signal And Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Learning, Understanding, Biotechnology, Biomedicine.
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