Prof. Esther Priel
Born: 1952, Israel
Academic Qualifications:
    D.Sc. 1981, Technion, Haifa
    Senior Lecturer 1993.
Academic Positions:
The Shraga Segal Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Genetics - Associate Professor
The Zlotowski Center for Neuroscience - Researcher

Research Interests:
The activity and regulation of DNA topoisomerases in cancer stem cells..The involvement of DNA topoisomerases in the retroviruses life cycle and the effect of topoisomerase inhibitors on the replication of retroviruses.
topoisomerases and telomerase in diabetes. Topoisomerase and telomerase in human fertility. Telomerase and telomerase activators in stem cells
Telomerase and telomerase activators in the brain and in neurodegenerative diseases (including ALS)
Research Projects:
Novel compounds that activate telomerase in human stem cells and their effect in neurodegenerative diseases using animal models
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Abstracts of Current Research:
  • Certain tyrphostin derivatives as topoisomerases inhibitors and anti-cancer drugs.: We have found that certain tyrphostin derivatives, which are known as protein tyrosine kinase antagonists, inhibit DNA topoisomerase I activity. Their mode of action differs from the known topoisimerase inhibitors. Since topoisomerase inhibitors are known as affective anti-cancer drugs, our results suggest that those tyrphostin derivatives that inhibit topoisomerase activity may serve as potent anti-cancer drugs due to their ability to inhibit both protein tyrosine kinases and topoisomerases. In addition, these results suggest that it will be possible to use them when resistance to known anti-topoisomerase drugs occur, thus providing an alternative way for cancer treatment.
  • Method of treating retroviral infections in mammals: We have found that DNA topoisomerase I activity is present in retroviral particles such as HIV, EIAV, Mo-MuLV, HTLV-I.In vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated that non-cytotoxic doses of camptothecin, a specifictopoisomerase antagonist, or certain tyrphostin derivatives significantly inhibitedthe replication of these retroviruses in acute and chronically infected cells at a very high efficacy. Our data indicate that these drugs can act as anti retroviral drug in vitro.We evaluated their efficacy in vivo using murine retroviruses (Mo-MuLV, SFFV, MAIDS). Mice were infected with the appropriate virus and the drugs were administered at different doses and at different times after or during virus injection. Our data clearly demonstrate that camptothecin or tyrphostin prevented and inhibited the onset of retroviral induced diseases in mice without causing any visible toxic side effects.Our results suggest that camptothecin or certain tyrphostin derivatives might be considered a valid remedy for the treatment of retroviral diseases.
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Keywords:DNA Topoisomerase, DNA topoisomerases, telomerase, Molecular Biology, Brain research, stem cells, alzheimer, telomerase, Cancer, Retroviruses, DNA Repair.